[rumori] April 11, 2002

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 10:36:54 PDT

_heated critique_http://www.splendidezine.com/departments/waxwane/april2002.html
of CD copy-protection.


(via illegal art)

speaking of copy protection - last night i was trying to dub some video of an old film from a rented VHS tape, and my miniDV camcorder told me I couldn't. If it was a computer i would have just gone out on the internet and found some software that would break the copy protection, but this was a piece of hardware - a freaking camera. grr. I ended up just shooting off the TV screen, and it didnt look too bad, but this left a sour taste and a feeling of dark foboding...


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