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From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 09:22:24 PDT

So, I actually ordered that Soulwax disc (and found out that
Amazon UK uses the same user database that the US site does, so i
didnt have to give them all my info again. amazing. small world.).
anyway, it's really great. several of the tracks i've
already heard online, but the best part about having the disc is
listening to the whole thing straight through, since it's a
continuous set. it probably gets closer to the original context
of the bootleg craze, which is dance clubs.

one enigmatic thing - their kylie minogue remix is one of those
hidden "track -1"'s. it's in the cd credit list, but its not
mentioned in the "track by track" section of the web site - no
story about clearance or anything, though it is mentioned on the
site's tracklist. hmm. i wonder why. was it not really cleared
but they wanted to include it anyway? hmm.

i still find that how much i like each of the tracks depends on
how familiar i am with the source tracks and how much i like
them. i think my favorite is still the Stooges/SaltnPepa track
mixing "No Fun" with "Push It" in a way that's more than just
funny, it also totally rocks.

another observation about familiarity: i dont listen to much pop
hiphop, or club music. but many of the sources i only
recognize from listening to Wobbly's 'Wild Why'. i think that's
funny, for some reason. Thanx, Jon. :-)

i may rip and upload the whole disc to the site, at least to be
there for a short time. seems appropriate...


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