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From: Don Joyce (
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 07:28:22 PDT

A few comments below.

>Your plan sounds pretty neat, the only part that makes me nervous
>is the part about requiring hardware manufacturers to build this
>thing into their stuff. In the context of the Hollings bill
>that's in congress right now, that sounds like digital
>appeasement. I'm optimistic that the CBDTPA will not pass, and a
>big part of why people don't like it, I think, is that they
>recognize that computers and other digital media devices are
>basic tools that ought to be free of copy protection systems, and
>even copy tracking systems ( and that's really what you're
>talking about, copy tracking, isn't it?). Putting that sort of
>stuff in my computer, music player, or TV is like buying a
>special magnifying glass with every book I buy, no, FORCING me to
>buy it, a special magnifying glass that keeps track of what I'm
>reading and tells the government about it. ugh!

Hardware/software manufacturers can be made to do anything the government
mandates by law, been done many times before. My idea has nothing to do
with copy protection - there would be none on-line because all Net content
could be free for the taking. Copying content there would become
ENCOURAGED(!) because the more you are copied, the more you will be paid.
It's a complete reversal of the status quo, eliminating the entire concept
of digital "crime" and effectively removing the entire concept of copyright
enforcement from on-line activities. As for tracking, I see only a little
ugh, not a big or even important one, because it would ONLY read what you
are doing in terms of content transferrance, NOT that it is you doing it or
why. Neither would it stop you from doing whatever you want to do, and it
would never ask you to stop and pay for whatever you're doing. It must be
100% annonymous Net-wide tracking of passive content encoding, tracking
pure usage for its own sake. Well worth an inconsequential shudder if we
can actually get paid every time our work is transferred across the Net.
>The other problem is that what you're talking about is a
>form of micropayments, which is a much bigger problem that people
>have been trying to solve for years, and no one ever has. your
>solution to compensation depends on a solution to micropayments,
>which may never ever arrive, and may just be a bad idea, too.
>( see )
>And beyond all this, mandatory compensation for IP just seems
>less and less right to me, lately. Why don't we just create a
>gift economy? Sounds crazy, but it's probably not that much
>harder than your plan.

If you can explain how a gift economy is going to happen in America, I'll
explain how "micropayments" are not a problem. (I'll be starting with ASCAP
and BMI who do it every day.)
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