[rumori] Star Wars Recycling - Music

Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 19:04:32 PDT

It's Star Wars time!!!!!!

And to celebrate i'm hosting some of my favorite Star Wars inspired
songs all more or less partly recycling some part of the mini-culture
which is the Star Wars Universe. being a vast universe there is
something for almost everyone.... http://noneinc.com/StarWars/

Hello, my name is Peter A Lopez and i'm a star wars junkie.

and in the immortal words of the creators of "When Senators Attack IV"
The Following Appropriated materials has been deemed 'ULTRA-CHEESY'

For fans of the current ECC inspired UK Booty movement, Dork Wars'
"Lightsaber" is probably a good place to start.
Come on if your not bouncing around to this disco classic (no not Meco),
you need your booty (top and bottom) realigned, so go get your
hydro-spanner and get to work! unfortunately this track was done by an
individual with a name unmentionable by the jedi masters, we will not
discuss any further...

For further sorta-booty madness how about a father and son discussion
accompanied by The Cure!

Need more beats
not pimped out enough, Colt 45 Lando to the rescue.

You liked Illegal Arts christmas album but feel it needs that Star Wars
spirit...well look no further for "Grandma Got Run Over By A Tauntaun"

ok but you like Rock N Roll, well thanks to the Seattle Grunge movement
along came sorta-tribute band Twin Sister

Gangsta Rap


oh phuck it if your interested the stuff is there take what you want.
 if you know of anything i'm missing please inform me, titles are enough.

Everyone likes to plunder from Star Wars, Presidents (Reagan), large
companies (Enron), famous musicians, from Aphex Twin, to Bon Jovi, to No
Doubt & Mr. Bungle, movie directors (Kevin Smith) the list is endless.

sorry for all this but it was the creators of all this recycled star
wars stuff which convinced me of the power of recycling and thus here i
am wasting all your time.
Peter A (wannabee SW geeky dork fanboy) Lopez

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