Re: [rumori] Re: Burned?

From: Don Joyce (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 06:29:56 PDT

That's why I'm demanding a non-profit, government overseen agency to
distripute these royalties equatably (not so difficult to do, and not so
easy to fudge, when the royalties for on-line usage are absolutely use
specific and usage is numerically accurate, a total of EXACTLY how many
usages per item on-line - no statistical melt down or tiny segment sampling
tactics as has always been done by BMI, ASCAP, etc. This distribution
agency would NOT be run by all those money loving cats inside the industry
and the overseen non-profit status prevents profit seeking or making. And
we have monitoring and input recourse if and when it does become corrupted.
No one can make the world absolutely safe for fairness and honesty, so it's
smarter to do the very best we possibly can to insure it.

>On Wed, 1 May 2002, Don Joyce wrote:
>> Thanks, Jim,
>> I love the level of think-through on this, you're way ahead of me. Anyone
>> else have any further thoughts on why a Federal tax on Internet access is
>> more or less difficult or more or less inevitable than the privately
>> untouchable solutions we are headed for to pay for content made
>> untransferrable on line?
>Why would the content industries be interested in setting up anything
>more complicated when a simple across-the-board tax will suffice?
>With physical media, they're content to slap a tax on all blank CDs,
>and the heck with keeping track of any form of equitable payments.
>The movie industry and the music industry doesn't give a wet slap about
>equitable treatment or fairness or proper royalty compensation at all,
>and this is seen by examining the business models of all their fee-
>extracting activities to date. Money collected for public play on the
>airwaves and in bars and restaurants isn't divvied up in any kind of
>fair manner, why should the net be different?
>All they want is the great wad of cash which they are accustomed to
>receiving. That's all they care about -- the cash. The well-being of
>the creators is not something that matters all that much.
>- Colin Hinz
> Toronto, Canada (a country with an ever-worsening blank media tax)
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