Re: [rumori] PLU, ECC, Wobbly (and pals) in London

From: Quahogs! (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 13:28:14 PDT

> >One thing that worked for me personally was the fact that he sent his
> >laptop graphics up to the video projection so people could see the
> >waveforms (and sometimes make out the file names) of the bits being
> >triggered by the thimble action. This worked to forward the technology
> >into people's minds without undercutting it by being too recognizable
> >(assume that was custom stuff you wrote Mark...).
> If he's still using what I usually see him using, that was probably "Back
> to Basics" software, written by the Operation Re-Information (ORI) guys.

Actually, he switched a while back to a thing he wrote inside of Reaktor,
which is where the "James Brownian Motion" stuff is, as well.


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