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Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 05:03:14 PDT

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At 11:07 AM 5/1/02 -0700, you wrote:
>... People don't seem to respect stuff as much when
>it's free. At least in the non-digital world. The funny thing is
>that it's just the opposite on the Net: no one wants to pay for

      Good observation; I hadn't thought about that interesting
contradiction before. I definitely agree with people not valuing free
things as much; I know that I do it myself on occasion. Ironically, now
that I think about it I wouldn't be surprised if it's sort of a by-product
of marketing, or the lack thereof: We normally buy things after some desire
has been instilled within it (often by advertising, but beyond those mass
efforts, even just something that we know we legitimately want). We know if
we follow our desire and seek its object, we'll give it our appreciation
after we obtain it. If we haven't gone through that thought process
initially and just receive something without desiring it first, it feels
unnatural. Things that are "free" often have an asterisk next to the word;
things that truly are free must be cheap if someone can afford to give free
things out to people.
     People are suspect of free things. That's probably intentional.

>Related to that I've observed, and I think it's sort of funny,
>that often in various art/music circles I've been part of people
>shy away from mentioning their "day jobs" (or "work-work" as i
>often call it). It's not a spoken rule, it's just something no
>one talks about, like they want to all pretend to live in this
>vacuum-sealed fantasy world where everyone is just doing art all
>the time and never needing to pay any bills. Like maybe if
>someone found out they have some dumb McJob, they wouldn't be
>respected as an artist. That's a shame.

     I guess I haven't acquired quite as negative a view at the avoidance
of that topic; usually both sides of the conversation have jobs... I often
don't bring up my more mundane job ties simply because I don't want people
to define me from them, and usually it's your job that defines you in some
way. If had no art inclinations and met someone else in a bar that also
didn't, chances are talking about your jobs would be one of the first
topics to come up -- most people spend as many hours at the desk as in bed.
Come to think of it why don't people talk about their mattresses more?
Hrmmm. Anyway, I'd rather know me for what I -want- to do, rather than what
I -have- to do. You talk about your hobbies before your obligations; it's
more encouraging...

- Mark

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