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Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 08:37:46 PDT



     Thanks for the play!

     Been thinking about you guys. Not an unusual thing really; Australia
was completely memorable and amazing. I just finished playing a number of
shows with Vicki/People Like Us and just visited Irene Moon (we've been
dating now for 4-5 months!); ElectroFringe came up each time at least once.
Thanks again so much for giving us all such a memorable experience.
     Only months late, I've -finally- gotten all my photos online of the

     I wanted to have a few more bits of evidence connected with it, but
I'm afraid what's there will have to do; now I have to put up pictures from
England (which I just got back from) and there's plenty more to do now that
I'm home and staying home for the first time in a month. The quick version
of the ECC status is: working on the new CD (STILL, sigh), yep, it's that
old Plagiarhythm Nation but it's getting remastered, recompiled, new
artwork, and new distribution (through Seeland); basically what's going to
get released will be Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0 so keep ahold of your
COLLECTOR'S EDITION <ahem> version, heheh. After it gets released I'm
hoping to do some touring; already planning shows in Germany and probably
more of Europe; hopefully also in Canada and the US as well, mainly around
September. I only wish there was some viable way to get to Australia again;
Katja and I have even talked about trying to find residencies there or
something... I need to keep an eye on the festival circuit to see if there
was something I could tap onto. If you see something let me know!
     Oh, while in England I ran into some people doing some video work that
I believe you had contacted about getting them in ElectroFringe this
year... I can't remember their names at the moment though... know who I'm
talking about? Met tons of great people while in the UK though.
     I just had a vegemite sandwich for breakfast! heheh Yes, while in
the UK I made sure to get some more vegemite. Katja and I are both hooked...
     Hope things are well, send an update when possible... cheers,

- Mark

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