[rumori] Why "Magic Markers" are Magic

From: The Evolution Control Committee (eccATpobox.com)
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 08:28:42 PDT

     If you've been mad that you can't sample the hook from the latest
Celine Dion hit song, fret no longer:

Technology buffs have cracked music publishing giant Sony Music's elaborate
disc copy-protection technology with a decidedly low-tech method:
scribbling around the rim of a disk with a felt-tip marker.
"I wonder what type of copy protection will come next?" one posting on
alt.music.prince read. "Maybe they'll ban markers."


     Amusingly The ECC did a release that was all about the fun of magic
markering your CDs. It was called "Compact Disctructions" and was released
about 11 years ago as a 37-page research book with a cassette of a live
demonstration and a random CD that you could graffiti on yourself. Great
fun, even if it wasn't about defeating the data track on your
copy-protected CD. (ah, salad days, no CD protection back then....)


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