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From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 04:01:55 PDT

Hi People

Thanks to all that made April such a good month in America - to
travelling companions Jon Leidecker, Mark Gunderson and Irene Moon
for making this worthwhile. Thanks also to Charles Powne, Rick
Prelinger, Jay Lesser, Ryan Junell and Steev Hise for collaboration,
travel and positive things in general. Thank you also to the various
poor souls that we borrowed equipment from and stayed with
unexpectedly and so on! We also did lots and lots of radio (WFMU,
KBOO, KFJC and KZSU). Some will be released (nice and non specific,
that). Lastly thanks to Dan Deacon at SUNY for having us play at
Purchase College, making this whole thing possible and kicking off
the rest of the gigs, meetings, radio. No thanks to The Knitting
Factory in LA, in general. Despite apathy/dimness from some of the
venues, we experienced a lot of enthusiasm from our audiences.

At the beginning of May we ran home, dragging some Americans back
too, to play at the Purcell Room at the beginning of May, the best
event PLU have played, with the best people (Wobbly, The ECC, Matt
Wand and Felix Kubin). Apart from The ECC crashing their hurse and
nearly braining us all, and Wobbly exploding his appendix I think we
are probably all the better for this, once we land. Oh, we came home
weeks ago.

For reviews of our Ether Night look here

Thank you Joana Seguro, Glenn Max and Kirsten Reynolds for the
starkest contrast in hospitality compared to the previous weeks in
the US. Mark Gunderson of The Evolution Control Committee has posted
up many pictures of the rock'n roll happenings of the past month here:
Recommended - the video clip of Felix Kubin sweeping the stage
trouserless to a solitary early arrival to the auditorium... Mr ECC
has also recently gotten around to posting up images from the
Electrofringe Festival from last Autumn here:

Enough of then, here is some now, and also some as near as this Saturday.

1 June - AT Medicine Bar, Birmingham, UK
Fierce 2002 Festival


entry 3 8.30pm - 2.30am


7 June - WFMU RADIO (local New York/ethereal http://www.wfmu.org)
Live performance on WFMU's new hour-long show "Re:Mixology",
hosted by DJ Jesuspants on Fridays at 8pm.

Four of today's most mischievous sound manipulators sit down and duke
it out in the WFMU studios. Political subervision, soothing plant
talk, flatulence samples ahoy in an hour mix to warp your brain. WFMU
Freeform Radio, Jersey City, NJ streaming online at


22nd June - AT Union Chapel, Upper Street, Islington, London N1
Launch party: <http://www.lawandauder.co.uk/xchromoz.htm>X-CHROMOSOMES

Entry: 10

Tickets: <http://www.unionchapel.org.uk>Union Chapel,
box office number: 0870 1201349
or visit Reckless Records: 79 Upper Street

Live and DJ sets on the night from:
Andrea Parker (Mo'Wax, K7)
Mira Calix (aka Chantal) (Warp)
Riz Maslen (aka Neotropic) (Ninja Tune/N-Tone)
BitTonic (Sprawl Imprint)
People Like Us (aka Vicki Bennett) (Soleilmoon/Hot Air/Mess Media/Caciocavallo)
Apache 61 (Daisyworld / No Immortal)
Mee (Mee Music)
Spinsta (deXposure)
Space Puppy
Laura b
Ariel & the Flames
Lady Fuzz

Visuals from [funkcutter]

More US dates in Minneapolis (Sound Unseen), South Carolina
University, Columbia (Orphans Film Symposium
http://www.sc.edu/filmsymposium) and possibly San Francisco, but not
too sure about the latter.


Recyclopaedia Britannica - 10 Year of People Like Us [Mess Media/Soleilmoon]
In a few weeks a 12" will also be out, entitled Stifled Love. Also on
the same label/distribution channels.

- buy online with Paypal here http://www.peoplelikeus.org/buy.html
or from http://www.soleilmoon.com
or through Baked Goods Distribution and Rough Trade shops in the UK.

PLU have also remixed both Wobbly and Tipsy. More on that as it happens.

OK that's all. If you want off of the list please reply to this with
remove in the subject heading and we will go away.

Bye for now


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