[rumori] Illegal Art Exhibit

From: Carrie McLaren (carrieATstayfreemagazine.org)
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 20:57:01 PDT


Just want to let everyone know about an event Stay Free! is
organizing that will take place this fall in New York: "Illegal Art:
Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age." Perhaps the biggest
names involved are David Byrne and Negativland, but we'll be showing
and airing things in all media: zines, collages, audio, film --
anything that flouts intellectual property law. There will also be a
panel discussion with artists, IP experts, and lawyers at New York
University and possibly Columbia, too. In November. Date TBA.

If any of you could recommend exceptional work that we might not know
about, or if have created something yourself, please email me. Or
else send material to Stay Free! 390 Butler Street, #3, Brooklyn NY
11217. (Items won't be returned, so please don't send originals.)

A temporary web page is here: http://www.illegal-art.org - the full
site won't be up until August.... speaking of: if there are any web
designers out there fluent in HTML hand-coding who'd be willing to
volunteer their talents, please let me know. The job will probably
take 3-8 hours, and I'd be glad to trade anything trade-able.

much thanks,

Carrie McLaren
Editor, Stay Free
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