[rumori] Re: be careful next time you are very quiet

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 10:13:01 PDT


>do you have url for that story? i'd like to link to it from the
>detritus front page.

I'm afraid not, I actually typed it out from the paper version of the
article... just made a call and found out it's actually from The
Independant (UK), not the Guardian as I previously stated - from
Wednesday or Thursday last week. If there are further reports I will
post it here.

Personally I think Mike Batt was a bit silly if he really did put
Batt/Cage as the composer of the track rather than credit Cage in a
less specific way. But if we are talking idiots then the bigger
idiots are the publishers of course. It's got to have been the only
John Cage track that he could have recorded while he was dead, hey!

Wombling Free,


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