[rumori] hello -several archive responses

From: D C (djbrokenwindowATyahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 00:00:08 PDT

 Hi,last week, I spent a few days catching up on your
archives (no problemfinding them ;) )

I have several thoughts/responses going back to
maybe you won't remember (I made notes!)...

- another aspect of redigesting pop music and making
it one's "own" entertainment is to replace words in
pop songs. My favorites are to replace the word
"love" with the word "blood". This instantly makes
the entire works of the Supremes all about
menstruation (clever link; <www.mum.org>)... Baby
Blood, You can't Hurry Blood, Where Did Our Blood Go?,
etc. Another is to replace the word "you" with the
word "shoes", which exposes how many shoe-fetishists
there are on the radio these days... 'I love
shoes...','shoes and me...' etc.

- "Stop Culture Jamming" was an excellent way to
promote culture jamming... the whole idea of creating
the antagonistic reaction to something in order to get
press about an issue is terrific! I guess that this
is a bit of what Negativland demonstrated, though
controlling the actual message's meaning as it
journeys thru the press is where it seems to break

- the story about Spiderman-movie-background-buildings
having the logos removed... isn't Spiderman a
fictional story and thus any depictions of New York
can be fictionalized as they see fit? They could
decide that there is a corporation/manufacturer in
Spiderman's version of America is called "Fony" and
even change a Sony sign if they saw fit, right? Can't
you take this kind of artistic license in films?? I
mean, Batman was in "Gotham", a pseudo-fictional
version of <where?>. You could get away with this in
a book, play, or other work, esp if you claim parody
('Fony' vs Sony)... I'm curious about how this
allegation turned out.

- Glad to have you in Portland, Steev! I could not
make it to tonight's showing of your film, as I lost
my ride out there and subsequently got sucked into
researching old industrial-revolution-oriented labor
music again. I think it would be funny if the
electronic versions of 100-yr old machines-took-my-job
songs sounded like out of date computers (older voice
synthesis tools, DecTalk, Speak-n-Spell, etc)... and
other antiquated mechanical music-making means
(calliope version of 'we shall overcome' would be
funny (and sad)!

- there was a thread about music-making being best
received when it was clearly a 'gift' to others.. a
way of reaching out to communicate or to give back to
a music community. For this reason, I'd like to make
my recent batch of mashups that I've put together made
available online for you all to download easily. I
don't have the web space I used to... working on it...

- Does Peaches remind anyone else of Karen Finley in
(electro-drum-machines, half-self-degrading/half-raw-
honest-sexual spoken lyrics, vulgar stage antics, long
ranting repetition/spectacle, getting partially naked
during set)

- Google's 'takedown' letters going public... I work
at a public library and it is funny how these big
search engines find themselves more and more
positioned into exactly what has plagued public
libraries/librarians for years: the goal of trying to
provide unfiltered access to as much information as
possible is continually blocked by people who want to
filter certain information either because of their
personal financial gains or else their moral
self-righteousness. The funny thing is that, while
there has been a system for organizing/classifying all
types of information for the last 100 years, search
engines like Google/etc are limited in the
sophisticaton of their searches because the Http
protocol never implemented a publishing/categorizing
element to encourage people to register their pages
with a central db in order to get their content
classified, even vaguely. Thus, the avergae search
engine is limited mostly to boolean searches, which
we've done with databases already for 20 years... no
progress on the organization of online information
because there was no authority for even just
suggesting a subject. Not that it needed humans;
could have been a questionaire...
Information wants to be free, but it seems it hates to
be organized.

- dj brokenwindow
(aka half of Office Products, an IllegalArt
contributor and fan of many rumori-member artists'

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