Re: [rumori] quick106 radio slices pop to 7sec

From: Jon Leidecker (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 08:45:50 PDT

>mistakenly put into "preview" mode or something... it reminded me
>of "Chartsweep"...

Hugo fucking Keesing's CHARTSWEEP. My god. Can we get that up on the
Detritus archives sometime? I know your copy is a cruddy cassette copy of
the cruddy cassette copy I got from Gunderson but it's such an important
piece. Hey Mark, maybe send Steev and I a digital transfer? When you're
not too busy that is, oh ha ha ha.

For background, 'Chartsweep' is a simple chronological collage featuring a
tiny fragment of every #1 US chart hit from 1956 to 1990, about 45 minutes
total length. The crossfades are very intelligently done and it's a
mindboggling listen. I tried tracking down Keesing with search engines
about a year ago, he's an archivist who lived around Maryland at one point
it seems, but no contact point.

Tape some of those quick106 spots too, hey.


it's actually an incredible range of music
>too, within the confines of pop at least, with no intelligent
>segues style-wise. one second it's metal and the next it's soul.
>->It can't last, can it? It is grating the way the
>->voice keeps saying the number... maybe they'll get
>i like the idea that you can lookup the song on the website using
>the number. yet i cant find anywhere on the site where you can
>actually do that. oh wait, it's just lists...
>crazy. there's less than 400 songs total. well, per list, but i
>dont know how you're supposd to know which list they're on. hmm.
>the best part is the station ids that have slogans like:
>"You're busy. we know you don't have time to listen to entire
>This is the sound of the future, people.
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