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From: Ken (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 21:49:33 PDT

At 06:38 PM 6/25/2002 -0700, { brad brace } wrote:
> Do radio stations still conduct "guess the song" contests
>where the audience hears but a couple of seconds of a
>portion of some song? and you listen to a long list of
>call-ins that guess incorrectly -- the jackpot grows with
>each wrong answer.
> Not sure if this was "chartsweep," but I remember pop
>stations reverse-consecutive playing top 100 lists over many
>days, and then after finally climaxing with number-1, they'd
>run this frenzied compliation of brief snatches from the

I did such a frenzied compilation on my show in Oct '97. I used a 2-track
reel-to-reel. It wasn't exactly a was just
reversed. I made a 22-minute fast collage of pop hooks, then switched the
reels on the deck, and played it backwards. I offered a mere $1,000 if
somebody could guess them all correctly. (I was careful not to make the
WKRP mistake and offer $10,000, then accidentally give the dough to the
wrong guy, who didn't even have a cold like the real winner.) Nobody won.

I received death threats via phone during that same show. But it was for a
different reason. I also mixed the Go-Go's and Madonna together (just what
we all needed) when I couldn't decide if Vacation and Holiday were about
the same thing, and someone called and played a Casio keyboard via phone,
and I played a tape I made of Don Joyce, The Weatherman and Wobbly one
night while I was at KPFA, and I included the obligatory Medical Dictation
record, all over an endless loop of a pre-flight mission control
announcement from a bad Ron Howard movie, which drifted between background
to foreground as appropriate.

If I could find a way to make any of this relevant to you, I swear I would!

- Ken
ken's last ever radio extravaganza

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