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nothing against tetreault's recent 'turntable hell' for the royal festival
hall,but this is more like it -- triple wow.

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>From: David Cotner <infoATturnament.com>
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>Subject: Turnament - November 8-9, 2002.
>Hello unto you.
> This is the preliminary schedule for Turnament, the turntablist
>festival that I'm producing and arranging at Royce Hall, UCLA, November
>8 and 9, 2002, in association with the UCLA Performing Arts Department.
> Should you have any questions about Turnament, its installations or
>attendant exhibition "Revolutions", please don't hesitate to ask.
> Further bulletins as events warrant.
>David Cotner,
> \\\
>Royce Hall, UCLA, November 8 – 9, 2002
>Exposing the Secrets of People Whose Business is Revolution!
>WHAT: Turnament: part skratch DJs, part modern art, part hip and / or
>hop – the common thread? Visionary musicians using turntables and
>records as instruments in ways you’d never dream possible. We won’t
>sell you the whole seat – you’ll only need...the edge!
>WHO: We are proud to announce the partial lineup of performers for
>Friday, November 8th
>? amk – Los Angeles
>? The Haters – San Francisco
>? Kid Koala – Montreal
>? Kool Herc – New York City
>? Dummy Run – Brighton / Paris
>? Boyd Rice – Denver
>? Extended Organ – Los Angeles
>? DJ Faust & Shortee – Atlanta
>? Your DJs are Baseck & Daedelus (Los Angeles) and L?K?O (Tokyo).
>and Saturday, November 9th. More to be announced in the coming weeks!
>? DJ Smallcock – Sydney
>? Grandmixer DXT – New York City
>? Ace & Duce – Los Angeles
>? KutMasta Kurt – Los Angeles
>? John Oswald – Toronto
>? A. Stray & DJ Nightmare – Cambridge, England
>? GrandWizzard Theodore – New York City
>? Project Dark – London
>? Your DJs are Skam (Manchester) and John Peel (London – first-ever U.S.
>festival appearance).
>Turntable installations, and others, from November 8th through November
>9th, by
>? DJ I, Robot – Cambridge, Massachusetts
>? Evil Moisture – Paris
>? Philip Jeck – Liverpool
>? Pure – Vienna
>? VinylVideo – Vienna
>? David Woodard – Los Angeles – exposition of the Brion Gysin
>WHEN: Friday, November 8th, 2002, and Saturday, November 9th, 2002.
>Doors open at 7 PM. Live action at 8 PM.
>WHERE: Royce Hall, on the University of California at Los Angeles
>campus in Westwood. Visit
>or http://www.turnament.com/ for full information. Tickets are $50 per
>evening, $20 for UCLA students.
>? amk – Master of the flexidisc record collage and montage. Flexidiscs
>are cut up, re-assembled and played on old record players at different
>speeds. Beyond belief!
>? The Haters – G.X. Jupitter-Larsen et al, exploring entropy as a
>neutral force of nature. Their first release, "The Haters", involved
>the recommended scratching of a blank LP in order to play it; recent
>work includes the stapling of LPs with amplified staple-guns.
>? Kid Koala – Eric San, Montreal's finest, in an action showcasing the
>latest ninja tunes from his arsenal of scratch mastery that tamed the
>wild beat.
>? A. Stray & DJ Nightmare – The London Musicians' Collective contingent,
>Alistair Stray and Robert Johnson pioneered "Deconstructed Cinema" in
>the 1990s. Their DJ'd cinema screenings made chillout rooms of the time
>even more icebox than usual.
>? Kool Herc – Clive Campbell, the founding father of modern hip-hop
>DJing, emigrated from Kingston, Jamaica in 1967 to bring the beats and
>breaks to Brooklyn and beyond.
>? Dummy Run – Nick Birmingham and Andrew Sharpley, self-professed
>"cartoon rhythm duo", wield drum'n'bass beats and saucy, sassy samples
>that more closely approximate the mind of mad (but not angry) genius
>than any other in their weight class.
>? Boyd Rice – Via the nom de guerre Non, this founding father of
>industrial music released the "Knife Ladder / Mode of Infection" in 1977
>with multiple holes in its centre and various locked grooves to create
>the longest-playing record of all time.
>? Extended Organ – Paul McCarthy, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts and Tom
>Recchion. From the Los Angeles Free Music Society to modern art and
>beyond. Expect drones, a chopped Optigan and an atmosphere hanging like
>a heavy coat of inspiration.
>? DJ Faust & Shortee – Modern lovers Faust and Shortee pursued a
>whirlwind romance with the passion of a perfect pop single and all the
>love it implies. They'll be performing old school hip-hop and rare
>breaks with a special showcase of tricks all on 4 turntables.
>? Baseck & Daedelus – Los Angeles' ambassadors of breakcore and the
>syncopated slaughter of a million buzz-bombing robotic bees in 17/32.
>In the foyer, to aid digestion.
>? L?K?O – Tokyo's Ko Mitsugi arrives with his own brand of DJing,
>utilising a laptop to fuse PC plug-in effects with scratching. Omedeto,
>Mitsugi-san! Also in the foyer.
>? DJ Smallcock – Lucas Abela, traveling all the way from Sydney,
>Australia, performs a short, improvised physical blurt of sound with a
>sawing machine engine (top speed: 2580 rpm) onto which are bolted a
>series of 7", 10", and 12" records. It's played with various implements
>– this time, it's the Elm St. Freddy-type glove with styli attached to
>each finger. Look out!
>? Grandmixer DXT – Formerly known as GrandMixer D.ST, DXT was an
>original Zulu Nation DJ in the South Bronx during the late 1970s and
>early 1980s. He performed solo scratches on Herbie Hancock's hit
>instrumental "Rockit" in 1984. That performance, seen by millions on
>The Grammy Awards, inspired a whole generation of DJs.
>? Ace & Duce – Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Tom Recchion, Richard
>Snyder and the elusive Duce. The founders of the Los Angeles Free Music
>Society ride again, out of nowhere and straight back again, for only the
>second time in a quarter-century.
>? KutMasta Kurt – Producer of records by DJ Spooky, Dilated Peoples, and
>Kool Keith, his is the fertile hand behind countless remixes and singles
>in your collection.
>? John Oswald – Tireless examiner of art and commerce and a damned good
>sax player, too. In 1990, Oswald's notorious recording "Plunderphonic"
>was destroyed by those in the Recording Industry representing Michael
>Jackson because of massive sample attacks on a man who has since become
>the visual equivalent of an Oswald piece.
>? GrandWizzard Theodore – Theodore Livingston, hassled by his mother as
>he DJs at home in the summer of 1975, balances the wheels of steel
>throughout this momentary storm and thereby creates the "scratch".
>Parents just don't understand!
>? Project Dark – Producers of large-scale live video / music shows since
>1995. A catalogue of custom sculpted 7" singles is used as a primary
>medium for generating a unique range of sounds and images. Live video
>triggering supplies further live sound and video sources allowing
>additional footage (slow motion exploding decks, a 10,000-volt
>spark-generating record player) to be mixed with live images. The
>latest show, "Gramophone De Luxe" incorporates three gramophone DJs
>alongside giant video projections generated by robotic surveillance
>cameras and drum-triggered video.
>? Skam – Rob Hall and Mike Williamson, direct from Manchester with
>painfully obscure blasts of rhythm and melody to the foyer and / or yr
>ass. Consult your physician.
>? John Peel – First-ever U.S. DJ appearance of BBC Radio 1's 40-year+
>strong living legend, modest enough even to argue about the
>characterisation “living”. He can play whatever he likes. Please don’t
>expect him to "scratch" – you will be turned away!
>Turntable installations, and others, from November 8th through November
>9th, by
>? DJ I, Robot – Chris Csikszentmihályi and assistants, bringing the DJ
>I, Robot cybernetic system that plays records at 800 rpm and otherwise
>freaks Technics™.
>? Evil Moisture – British expatriate, inventor of the amplified golf
>ball and the developer of the first Fisher-Price™ record player ever to
>spin a load of cream cheese.
>? Philip Jeck – Working with old records and record players salvaged
>from junk shops, turning them to his own purposes, he really does play
>them as musical instruments, creating an intensely personal language
>that evolves with each added part of a record.
>? Pure – Part of Austria's Mego Records braintrust, Peter Votava uses
>run-out grooves – the end of vinyl – to create vast soundscapes
>spiraling out the very heart of a record.
>? VinylVideo – Gebhard Sengmüller and Martin Diamant present
>VinylVideo™, a new development in the history of audio-visual media.
>VinylVideo™ makes possible the storage of video (moving image plus
>sound) on analog LP records. In its combination of analog and digital,
>VinylVideo™ is a relic of fake media archeology; at the same time,
>VinylVideo™ is a vision of new live video mixing possibilities.
>? David Woodard – Lecture and exposition of the Brion Gysin Dreamachine,
>the first device in history to be looked at with eyes closed. The
>Dreamachine consists of a perforated cardboard cylinder attached to a
>turntable, in the middle of which hangs a 100-watt light bulb. When the
>machine is turned on, the cylinder spins at 78 RPM. One sits in front
>of the cylinder with eyes shut, and the light reflects through the
>perforations in the spinning cylinder onto one's eyelids. The
>experience begins with 15 to 20 minutes of what visually approximates a
>perpetually metamorphosing Persian rug. As the color spectrum broadens,
>the symmetrical patterns grow increasingly intricate...
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