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From: Jason J. Tar (
Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 17:48:03 PDT

At 08:36 PM 7/1/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>>According to Newton's attorney Alan Korn, "This decision sets a
>Alan Korn gave probono legal advice to us.. and I thought he agreed with
>our basic philosophy that artists should be able to sample as long as it
>creates new art. but here he seems to be on the other side of the
>fence.. so now i'm guessing his stance is to support the small guy (who
>in this case is being sampled).
>do others take a similar stance.. it's not a question of what is being
>sampled or how it is sampled.. but rather who is sampling who?+??????????????

Personally (and do I count?), it doesn't matter who is sampling. Which is
why I thought the whole thing about getting up in arms last year about the
Jaguar track being "covered" (or whatever it was) was quite silly and a tad
bit hypocritical. (Yes, I realize that was a full on cover, but still the
crux of the argument was big vs. little).

On the case above, I think the guy dug his own whole on lawyer
fees. Gambled on a big settlement and lost, now unwilling to pay his
debt. "When one digs their own hole, one must....cry wolf?"


That be my theorem.
Jason J. Tar

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