Re: [rumori] WSJ: Labels go after individual song-swappers
Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 17:35:38 PDT

Quoting Carrie McLaren <>:

> Wednesday, July 3, 2002
> Music Labels Seek Individuals
> Abetting Internet Swapping
> Recording Companies Plan to File Suits
> Against Largest Suppliers of Free Songs
> Staff Reporters of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
> World-wide music sales dropped 5% last year, while global
> sales of compact-disc albums declined for the first time since CDs
> were launched in 1983. So far this year, U.S. music sales are down
> steeply from a sluggish 2001.

It would be nice to think that the 5% sales drop is a result of consumers
switching from major-label product to small-label indie recordings which
aren't tracked by the corporate empire-builders, though that's unlikely
to be the case.

Nonetheless, there's a good reason why my purchases of big-name stuff
has falled off over the years: I've already got enough of the records
WHICH DON'T SUCK!! Who gives a fig about the various flavours of
bubblegum bands? Not me, and not anyone else on this list, I'm sure.

- Colin Hinz
  Toronto, Canada
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