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From: niall munnelly (
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 17:28:45 PDT

steev wrote:

> instead of no-copyright or anti-copyright, which basically says
> "take this and do whatever you want, go ahead, you can even
> exploit me and get rich by calling my work yours," it's just so
> much smarter to go with a copyleft sort of license, which says
> "use this to make new works but don't take it whole."

your old pals at viral communications describe it well here (although they don't
seem to distinguish between copyleft and anti-copyright):

"It means we're
going to sample your stuff, and you can sample our stuff, as long we both do
one thing: create somthing new from the materials we plunder. VirComm is not
advocating wholesale bootlegging or complete ripoffs of other artists'
hard labors. We simply claim the right to mix stuff up, churn it around, and
come up with a work of art that truly bears the mark of our artistry, rather
than that of those we plundered. We'd also love to be credited whenever you
steal from us, and we'll certainly try to do the same."

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