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Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 10:15:41 PDT

----------[ Quiet American presents at 964 Natoma ]--------------------

Field Effects 6: Far Afield

Saturday, August 10th
Doors 8pm, show 8:45pm
964 Natoma, San Francisco, CA USA

$6-10 sliding, no one turned away for lack of funds

----> Event Description <----------------------------------------------

The world makes music, remember to listen.

Field Effects 6 offers a night of field recording-based sound art.

The sixth in a series of concerts showcasing artists using found
materials, Field Effects 6 focuses on field recordings and song
collected abroad: far afield.  You'll notice I said song: in a
rare departure, we'll be serenaded with the unmediated voice.

Field Effects 6 features work by artists:

  audiofile collective (seattle)

    Audiofile Collective is three people: Greyg Filastine, a
    founding member of Infernal Noise Brigade and the media group
    Post World Industries; Maga Bo, who currently lives in Rio,
    Brazil, making and producing music; and Steven Miller, a
    member of Gamelan Pacifica and a modern dance composer. All
    three worked with !TchKung! for years. They'll be presenting
    a collage of found sounds from the Indian subcontinent, both
    unprocessed and heavily edited.


  jessika kenney (seattle)

    jessika kenney knows many songs. she is involved in long-term
    collaborations with jarrad powell and gamelan pacifica, the
    black cat orchestra, in the traditional and experimental music
    of java & sumatra, street performance, and shadow puppetry. she
    has performed with pena flamenco, ellen fullman's long stringed
    instrument, robert jenkins (phantom empire), s.e. dewantoro in
    solo, panacea for hirelings, death metal band pathos, on tv at
    the national monument in jakarta, with the infernal noise
    brigade, the sun city girls, eyvind kang and bakira, ad ad. she
    is currently researching javanese macapat, singing with drones,
    and working on music to be performed with stephen fandrichs
    harmonic choir at gabriola island, british columbia at the end
    of august.

    jessika will sing us songs from indonesia: songs of love and
    songs of violence.


  thom blum (sf)

    Thom will be presenting work from his 'audio postcard' series,
    intricately wrought compositions made with field recordings
    he made while traveling abroad.

    Thom has been composing electroacoustic music since 1972, and
    his works have been presented in concerts, festivals and radio
    broadcasts internationally. He's co-founder of the International
    Computer Music Association and has worked as software engineer
    for LucasFilm/DroidWorks, a researcher & software architect for
    Yamaha Music Technologies, and co-founder of Muscle Fish (an
    audio signal processing & analysis software firm). He is
    affiliated with the New San Francisco Tape Music Center, and
    is a Lake Technology Artist.


  ~ Post-Concert Listening Party ~

    Your host Aaron Ximm and wife Bronwyn recently completed a
    collaborative 38-minute audio reverie of their trek around
    the Annapurna Circuit in central Nepal. After the show, we'll
    be premiering it for anyone who would like to stay to listen.


The Field Effects series showcases artists who are interested in
framing the hidden beauty of the everyday world: beauty on the
surface, awaiting our attention. Beauty that must be delicately
extracted. And beauty in potential, awaiting juxtaposition,
collage, repetition and mutilation.

Seating mostly on futons to encourage comfortable deep listening.
Hopefully we'll still have beanbags (courtesy of Blasthaus!).

Depending on weather, hot or cold drinks will be available.
Hopefully someone will make cookies again.

----> Venue Info <----------------------------------------------------

964 Natoma
San Francisco, CA, USA

Between Mission and Howard, 10th and 11th street, south of market.
A few blocks from Civic Center BART, or the corner of Market & Van
Ness. Bike parking inside.

----> Additional Info <-----------------------------------------------


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