Re: [rumori] Ugly Choices

From: Bob Boster (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 07:50:46 PDT

bb> In the same spirit, I love the idea of being able to maintain a profile
for yourself at some kind of service hub which dynamically reconfigures the
film for you against certain self-maintained criteria as you pull it down
in real-time through the T1 line from the 'studio'.
Someone might want 'no violence, all the sex', someone else might want
'extra violence, only same-sex sex' and yet someone else might agree to pay
extra for 'all the product placements to be removed'. Pay per view
achieves a whole new meaning. Hell someone might be duck-phobic and so
would want to excise any ducks...the possibilities are endless.

I think this is an excellent idea and in fact is a rare opportunity for
them to actually provide some kind of 'after-production' value in the process.

Not to mention how cool it would be to hack for artistic purposes....

At 10:36 15/08/2002 -0500, Carrie McLaren wrote:
>>>>> i know of a video rental place that started editing tapes for
>>>>> sensitive viewers (i think the store is called "clean cuts"). they
>>>>> got into legal trouble initially and their solution was that instead
>>>>> of renting the edited videos all the customers have to become
>>>>> co-owners of the videos and then the editing is ok. so individuals
>>>>> pay a monthly fee to "own" all the videos and can then check out a
>>>>> certain number.
>Personally, I'm all for this, as long it is clear that the videos are
>edited and as long as the uncut versions are also available.
>Besides, it's sort of silly to argue for the artistic value of a lot of
>Hollywood films, considering how many of them are decided by focus groups,
>with sex and violence used just to prop up ticket sales. The typical
>Hollywood filmmaking process is as much about censorship as outlets like
>"clean cuts," only what winds up on the cutting room floor are not
>instances of sex/violence but complicated ideas of any kind.
>Carrie McLaren
>Editor, Stay Free!
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