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From: illegal art (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 10:28:55 PDT

there's also the japanese artist American Cherry. sometimes she adds
so little to the new recording that basically you're just hearing her
snap her fingers at odd points to accompany an old record. when she
performs it's more about her persona than anything else.

basically it's just karaoke presented as art.


>on Wed, 14 Aug 2002 told me:
>->Besides Culturcide who else was there?
>culturcide is the first thing i thought of too. there's also
>xper.xr, from Hong Kong, and the good ol' japanese noise band,
>The Hanatarash (tho they added lots of noise and other
>instruments too).
>i don't know why it would be called "junk music". maybe the
>asker of the question is thinking of something else entirely
>that none of us have ever heard. Jon if you find out anything
>else from them i'd be interested in hearing.
>of the stuff mentioned above, and the whole concept - the
>more i think about it the more i like it as a particularly savage
>attack on pop music. so simple but so hilarious, just to sing or
>play along with a boombox, it somehow amplifies the banality of
>most pop music, while at the same time claiming it as the new
>singer's own.
>off on a tangent, i'm also reminded of how The Residents did an
>early album by playing along with other music (Beatles, i think?)
>on one track of a multitrack. once they were done they left the
>original out of the mixdown. i wonder if some lawyer some day
>will decide that that sort of thing is infringement. probably,
>even though it's quite literally just building on the past, like
>all creativity.
>standing on the shoulders of giants will one day get you knocked
>off and stomped on. heh.
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