Re: [rumori] radio variety

From: matt davignon (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 17:51:54 PDT

Hi Vicki,

Don't get me wrong. I am happy with the variety here, even if most of my
audio enjoyment comes from either cd's or streaming mp3 playlists. We have
all sorts of stuff in the bay area - the 4 college stations listed by Bob,
late night KPFA, a 70's soul station. There's even an
all-techno-all-the-time station here that just started a few months ago.
They only have a playlist of 10 or songs, but they are also lacking in
commercials and annoying radio personalities.

Once you leave the urban centers, the choices quickly peter out.

What's Evergreen?

>>Where I grew up, there was only the top 40 station, the classic rock
>>station, and the lite 70's station. Out of all the "indie" stations, KPFA
>>is the only one I can get in regularly, and they're mostly talk. I only
>>get KALX about 25% of the time (the same was true for KUSF when I lived
>>about a mile from it).
>In most non-US towns and cities this is still the case. I would love to be
>near just one of the stations you receive even just in the Bay Area, let
>alone anywhere else. In an attempt to further clarify what a great thing
>you have going on with radio in America, and what there is to lose of
>course you might want to know/recall that in Europe where there is no such
>thing as college radio, let alone anything else that isn't either dinosaur
>BBC programming or local Evergreen stations.
>In Britain there are less than 10 shows in the whole country with an
>agenda/show playing anything remotely freeform/experimental/underground,
>not even overground underground. Of all the radio I've done, 95% has been
>in America, and of that, much of my good live stuff has been done through
>such a platform.

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