Re: [rumori] Cassette Boy - Bandy
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 18:41:14 PDT

niall munnelly wrote:

>it's pretty daft. i wish i had the patience to edit like that (i don't
>even want to think about the tape-splicing that came before pro tools and

any pack rat type will love the Parker Tapes. it's got all the typical cutup type activities. lots of cutup then some dancy beat driven stuff then a quick cut up or two, something silly, something pseudo political, lots of variety... the pacing works really well overall. it doesn't get boring since you can anticpate something different to constantly happen. 98 tracks of various short length and commentary, you can debate content but there's so much, why bother. there's samples from everywhere so no matter who you are you'll identify with some sample and understand how they have reused it to different potential.

 i'm still confused by the cd artwork but that's forgettable, it's odd but it's as if they put another label ontop of the pressed cd. you can see through the label, to something which looks like Parker Tapes, yet ontop of that is this strange "Bin Laden & Ian McShane sing Non-Stop Party Hits!! with 15 track titles all containing "Lovejoy" (All You Need is Lovejoy, Addicted to Lovejoy, Lovejoy Will Tear Us Apart (feat. Lovejoy Division, etc. [i would be happy to listen to these tracks if they exist]) wondering if this is for the american versions (if they would bother) or something to capitalize on Osama fever. i don't know but it's really strange. everthing looks really legit except for this label. oh well. lots of childishly cut up.

another release to think about checkin out, if you like a more dancy type w/ lots o samples is "Bandy" by Kid America and the Action Figures (or is that the other way around?). lots of happy beats with tons of samples layered on.

Peter A Lopez


Cassette Boy - Joliver
Cassette Boy - Tr389 Shl82 Tr380

Bandy - Dancin''.mp3

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