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From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 05:33:13 PDT


Thought I would let people know a little more about the Orphans Film
Symposium at the University of South Carolina in a few weeks from
now, since it is focussing on the use of sound in films, as well as
much to do with the use of "orphan" films. Below is the most up to
date line up.

People Like Us will be doing an audio/video concert, as well as
screening We Edit Life, a short film commissioned by
<http://www.lovebytes.org.uk>Lovebytes earlier this year. If you
live in the area and would like to see PLU play, but cannot afford or
manage to go to the whole symposium, then please contact the
organiser Dan Streible directly <streibleATsc.edu>, he has kindly
offered to admit people to watch the PLU concert a reduced price,
without paying/going to see the rest of the festival. Of course if
you are able to attend the whole thing, then that is all the better,
it's a great line up after all.

Have tried to streamline who I send this mailer to as much as I can,
and apologise if it's not relevant.




Wednesday September 25, 8 pm

An Evening with film composer David Raksin
Academy Foundation Visiting Artist
Julie Hubbert (USC School of Music), moderator

Thursday September 26
Welcome (9-9:15)

EARLY SOUND (9:15 - 11)

David Pierce (British Film Institute), "British DeForest Phonofilm
Recordings of the Music Hall Tradition"

Ken Weissman (Library of Congress), "Eubie Blake, Eddie Cantor &
Calvin Coolidge: Restoring De Forest Phonofilms, 1922-25"

William O'Farrell (National Archives of Canada), moderator

NEWSREELS (11:15 - 12:45)

Robert Heiber (Chace Productions), "The Sound of Newsreels: Issues
for Preservation & Restoration"

Ray Edmondson (Archive Associates, Canberra) "The Voice of Australia:
Cinesound Review"

Lunch at the Hunter Gatherer


Kristy Andersen (Bay Bottom News), "On Making BlackSouth: The Life
Journey of Zora Neale Hurston"

Arlene Balkansky (Library of Congress), "Hurston's Beaufort, South
Carolina Church Footage: The Recovery of Sound and Film"

Elaine Charnov (Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival), "Zora Neale
Hurston as Ethnographic Filmmaker"

GERMANY (4-5:45)

Frances Guerin (University of Kent) "Perpetrator Images and The Third
Reich in Colour (2001)"

Kay Hoffmann (Documentary Film Center, Stuttgart), "R÷ntgenstrahlen
(Germany, 1937): Talking X-Ray Films"

Joachim Polzer (Polzer Media Group GmbH, Potsdam), "Weltwunder der
Kinematographie: The Earliest Optical Sound Films"

Supper at the Columbia Museum of Art


Scott Stark (Flicker), Found Home Movies Meet the Avant Garde

Skip Elsheimer (A/V Geeks), 16mm School Soundtracks: The Musical

Stephen Parr (Oddball Film+Video), Sonic Oddities from the San
Francisco Media Archive

Friday September 27
SCORING (9-10:30)

Daniel Goldmark (University of Alabama), "Live Piano Accompaniment &
DeForest Sound for the Fleischer cartoon Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?

Neil Lerner (Davidson College), "An Ignored Parent to Hollywood's
Musical Vocabulary: Virgil Thomson's Score for The Plow That Broke
the Plains (1936)"

Ivan Raykoff (Whitman College), "Playback Pianists and the Crisis of
Disembodiment, or 'I Ghosted for The Abbott and Costello Show'"

SHORTS (10:45-12:15)

Shelley Stamp (UC Santa Cruz), "Shoes (1916) and The Unshod Maiden
(1932), or Giving Progressive Cinema a Good Talking To: Unmaking and
Restoring the Films of Lois Weber"

Nico de Klerk (Nederlands Filmmuseum), "European Theatrical Shorts of
the 1930s"
Lunch at the Koger Center for the Arts

MY SONG GOES FORTH (1:30-2:30)

Charles Musser (Yale University), introduces a 35mm screening of the
newly-preserved Paul Robeson documentary, My Song Goes Forth (1937,
Great Britain/South Africa).


Bj°rn S°renssen (University of Trondheim), "Digitizing Norwegian
Commercials Filmed for 1950s Movie Theaters"

Rick Prelinger (Internet Archive), "A Model of Plenty: Putting Orphan
Films (and Television) On-line"

Laura Kissel (USC New Media), moderator and respondent

PEOPLE LIKE US (4:30-5:30)
British artist Vicki Bennett in performance



Alan Berliner (alanberliner.com), "From ABC Audio Archivist to
Independent Documentarian: Selected Shorts by Alan Berliner"

Bill Morrison (decasia.com) New York-based filmmaker introduces his
new film Decasia (2002), with new music soundtrack composed by
Michael Gordon.

Saturday September 28


Greg Pierce (Orgone Cinema and Archive) shows All Personal Sound
Movies (1949-63), All Golf Films (c.1973) and more by amatuer Auricon
cineaste Fred McCleod (Oakmont, PA).

AMATEUR (10:15-12)

Jesse Lerner (Pitzer College), "Superocheros: Mexico's Super8 Film
Movement," with JosÚ AgustÝn's Luz Externa (1973) presented with a
restored soundtrack.

Russ Suniewick (Colorlab Corp), "Digital Telecine Mastering of 9.5mm
and 8mm Film" (including a 1920s road movie)

Steve Davidson (Florida Moving Image Archive), "African-American home
movies of the 1950s and 60s"



Margarita de la Vega (International Film Seminars) and D. Marie
Grieco (Columbia University), "Restoring 50 years of Audiotapes from
the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar"

Sam Bryan (Pratt Institute and the New York International Film
Foundation), "Julien Bryan's Film Documentation of the Stalin-era
Soviet Union"

Dana White (Emory University), "The Crusading Housing Reform Films of
Atlanta's Charles F. Palmer, 1934-1946"

THE VOICE and the Music OF THE DOCUMENTARY (3-4:45)

Ross McElwee (Harvard), "Voice-over Narration Practices," with a
preview of his new film Bright Leaves and outtakes from his 1986
masterpiece Sherman's March

Les Blank (Flower Films), "Narrating with Music: Some Unheard Takes
from Blues Masters"

Cocktails & hors d'oeuvres


Libby Burke (Visual Archives of American Music and University of
Washington), "Snader Telescriptions: Musical Film Filler for Early

Mark Cantor (Celluloid Improvisations, Los Angeles), "Jukebox Movies
from the 1940s"

Orphan 'Potluck' (7:30 til ?)

A wrap party event, back by popular demand.
Bring a fun/interesting/odd/rare short or clip to share after our
dinner together. We bring the food and drink, you bring the films.
All orphanistas are invited to give a quick introduction to a
favorite piece of orphan film or video (16mm or VHS please).
Informal, engaging, fun.

Also note:
Margaret Compton (University of Georgia Media Archives & Peabody
Awards Collection), "The Orphan as Filmmaker: Juvenile Series
Fiction, 1912-1935," a curated exhibition of books on display
throughout the symposium.

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