[rumori] PCP UPDATE

Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 16:40:32 PDT

Pardon the press release - this one's going out Friday - a long overdue note on the status of many projects of Post Consumer Productions...

Collage, Assemblage and Mixed Media in Minneapolis and Beyond

For over three years, Minneapolis collage artist Jon Nelson has been hosting and producing a radio program dedicated to "tape manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations," or the sounds of recycled culture. Heard locally on 770 Radio K (Twin Cities, Saturdays, 4-5PM) as well as in five other cities in the US and Canada, Some Assembly Required is a weekly audio art show, featuring only the works of those who choose to create with remnants of past expressions.

On September 21st, Some Assembly Required and The 2002 Sound Unseen underground film and music festival are teaming up to bring British sound collage artist People Like Us to the Walker Art Center, in Minneapolis, MN. Check out http://www.soundunseen.com/
for a full schedule of equally smashing events, and
for a full website of info about our special guest.

In other PCP news -

The Escape Mechanism site has an exciting new re-design!
Log on to check out everything from reviews and news to soundfiles and updated information on a brand NEW ALBUM available from Escape Mechanism - a live miniCD recorded in Minneapolis with the Tape-beatles, Wobbly and Steev Hise, upon the occasion of their visit for last year's Sound Unseen.

The Festival of Appropriation website is live! Learn all about this Fall's fourth annual Festival of Appropriation. This year's exhibition promises to be our most expansive ever, as we explore film-collage with the Tape-beatles, environmental appropriation projects with Mark Gunderson (The Evolution Control Committee) and Implied Regurgitation (www.ithrewup.com), assemblage with Twin Cities artist's Allen Christian (House of Balls) and as usual, many many collage projects with a plethora of artists both local and national.

The Post Consumer Productions website has been updated - go here for that so-much needed overview of the PCP network.

and finally - a cry for help - if you're web-capable and have some spare time... Some Assembly Required, and Post Consumer Productions in general, is looking for a good webdesigner - someone who is a fan of the work played on the program, and willing to volunteer as much as five hours a week to keep the webpages updated. sigh.

Questions, comments, etc - please contact Jon Nelson at

THANKSthanksTHANKS and I hope to see you all September 21st at the Walker Art Center!

Jon Nelson

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