Re: [rumori] beastie boys' response to newton sampling lawsuit

From: Jon Leidecker (
Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 21:36:49 PDT

>i would argue that naming cage as a co-composer for his silent piece
>wasn't a very bright thing to do -- in essence, he was asking for it.

I think Batt saw a publicity stunt and ran with it -- it's not a big
surprise that cage's publisher would show up asking for the mechanical
royalty when he'd listed cage as co-author on his commercial CD, and the
second that happened, he ran with it to the press 'incredulous' and
'outraged'. he's calling it a cover version by putting cage's name on the
publishing, and whining about having to pay. it all seems done with a bit
of humor, though, so no harm done.

I also lost some of my last shreds of sympathy for newton reading the
beasties' response... he wanted 'millions'...

Hey Mr. Lasell, good to see you on the list sir. I'm not expecting any
real problems with wild why, it's barely worth their effort at this


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