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From: king wilson (empt11AThotmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 21:55:28 PDT

Phil Collins Releases Single Through Car Ad
Wednesday October 09, 2002 AT 05:30 PM
By: ChartAttack.com Staff

People often say that music videos are little more than glorified
commercials. Still, it makes us a little bit uncomfortable when a musician
actually releases a new single through a car commercial.

Phil Collins, the man who ruined Genesis and is ultimately responsible for
that Ol' Dirty Bastard cover of "Sussudio," has hatched a deal with Toyota
that will see the first single off his upcoming album being released via a
car ad. The new commercial for the Toyota Avalon features Collins' new song
"Can't Stop Loving You." A second ad will come out when Collins is ready to
launch the album's next single.

We'd call him a sell-out, but what would be the point?

What does Collins get out of the deal? Well, probably a whole lot of money,
and if he's lucky, a hit single. A couple of years ago, Sting licensed his
song "Desert Rose" to Jaguar, after the title-track to his Brand New Day
album belly-flopped. Before long, "Desert Rose" was etched into the brains
of anyone who'd seen the ad and, subsequently, Sting's stinker album was a
hit. And everyone knows what happened to Moby's Play once he licensed out
every single song on the album.

It seems that Collins wants to circumvent the initial flop stage of Sting
and Moby's marketing plans by going straight to the ad company. Every copy
of his upcoming album, Testify (which will be released on November 12), will
be tagged "As Featured In The New Toyota Avalon Commercial."


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