[rumori] A web stream of RR 4.0

From: Frank Awesome (frankawesomeAThotmail.com)
Date: Sat Oct 19 2002 - 09:25:26 PDT

The fine folks at Sensory research network are providing a mp4 quicktime
stream this Saturday October 19th, 2002 (starting at 6pm)

of the eagerly anticipated Recycled Rainbow 4.0

This is the fourth in a series of parties (thrown by Everyman 'from "the
Button"' and Dirt Goddess) that are designed to bring experimental artists
together and perform for/with one another.

This event will last well into the wee hours of the morn, so be sure to tune
in at any time. (or check the schedule on the website and tune in for your
favorite artist. (I'm interested to hear Workeshoppe Radio Phonik & the ECC)

People travel from all over the globe to get to these exclusive events, but
if you feel you can't make it. If you contact the host of the party:
everymanATpressthebutton.com you might be able to call in.

I've added a page for the Recycled Rainbow stream to the SRN radio section.
>From there you can find up to date info and access links:

Website-| http://www.recycledrainbow.com
Stream--| http://www.sensoryresearch.com/radio

SRN will be providing two streaming servers for this event.

Have fun and tune in tonight! (I know I will.)

Frank Awesome

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