[rumori] [Psrf] Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 38

From: Lloyd Dunn (llATdetritus.net)
Date: Tue Oct 22 2002 - 04:22:34 PDT

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now available for download, retrograde release no. 12, november 2002:

Photostatic 38

description: http://psrf.detritus.net/vii/p38/index.html

direct download: http://psrf.detritus.net/pdf/p38.pdf (2.1 Mb)

Description. "The Festival of Plagiarism." It is fair to say that
the editor returned from August 1989's Festival Of Plagiarism in
Glasgow, Scotland, with a fair number of new ideas and fresh
inspiration. The Neoist-drenched proceedings at the Transmission
Gallery during that week and the many face-to-face meetings between
people previously known to each other only through the mails created
a sense of solidarity and newfound friendship. It's fair to say that
it was a watershed moment for Photostatic, for the simple fact that
after the Festival, the publication would never be the same. For one
thing, this is the last time that PhotoStatic and Retrofuturism both
appeared between the same set of covers. The latter title had, until
this point, generally been treated as a 'section' or a kind of
'column', with its own editorial logic and sometimes even layout
style. The current issued devotes substantial page-space to a report
from the Festival, photos of some of the events there, as well as
writings gleaned from the other Festival participants. At the same
time, the business of Photostatic carries on, with the participation
of its acquired roster of columnists and usual suspects. with a
myriad of other diversions.

Contributors include. Ll. Dunn, Liz Was, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE,
Mark Pawson, Mark Bloch, Florian Cramer, Bob Grumman, Information
Archive, Neil K Henderson, Jaques lE'lull, John Heck, Philippe Billé,
Tim Coats, Paul Weinman, Michael Helsem, Karen Eliot, R. K. Courtney,
Zendex Chercuthyl, Geof Huth, Thomas Wiloch, John McCarthy, Lang

Project Overview: The Photostatic Retrograde Archive serves as a
repository for a complete collection of Photostatic Magazine,
Retrofuturism, and Psrf, (as well as related titles) in electronic
form. We are posting issues in PDF format, at more or less regular
intervals, in reverse chronological order to form a mirror image in
time of the original series. When the first issue, dating from 1983,
is finally posted in several year's time, then this electronic
archive will be complete.

issue directory: http://psrf.detritus.net/issues.html

project URL: http://psrf.detritus.net/


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