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From: Samuel Rose (samuel.roseATvoyager.net)
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 14:24:36 PDT

I got a message from Mr Sander Hicks today that led to this article
published on his website:

hey, get a load of this:


On Tuesday, October 22 2002, Richard Helms, former director of the
Central Intelligence agency, died at the age of 89 of multiple

To the end of his life, Helms tenaciously kept some of the darkest
secrets of the Cold War that until now have never seen the light of

Helms interviewed Adolph Hitler for UPI in 1938. He was ordered,
during World War II, into the Office of Strategic Services, the body
that later evolved into the CIA. Helms always worked in the "Plans
Department", a.k.a. covert operations. By the early fifties he was
running the department. He was intimately involved with assassination
attempts on Castro in Cuba and later on Kissenger's coup ousting of
Allende in Chile. He was later accused of lying and covering up to
congressional investigators in the BCCI and Iran/Contra scandals.

Secrets in Washington DC are endless, but if you know the right
people, you can get a clear picture of what it is really like on the
inside. Over the years as a free lance journalist, I talked to many
DC insiders who, under the right circumstances, spilt their guts. Its
too bad Richard Helms did not spill his to somebody. But everybody,
even a cartoon cut-out bad guy like Helms confesses to somebody.

Helms had many around him who today know his secrets. I have spoken
to some of them. There is one reason why Helms is so cloak and
dagger: according to former intelligence agents, Helms planned the
Kennedy assassination.

I'm Toby Rogers, freelance reporter. I've been working on this Helms
story for quite some time, and now that he has passed want to publish
this with a few other stories that have been on my desk lately.


The US Government still pretends that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone
Shooter. Well, let it, because since Helms died some very elderly
former CIA-agents are going start calling publishing houses for book

Some agents already have finished books ready to go now that Helms

But why did they have to wait? Richard Helms, according to these old
spooks, "planned the whole goddamn thing" that fateful day in Dallas.
They had to wait for Helms to go meet his maker so that Helms could
not "retaliate in any way." John Kennedy entered the White House in
1961 under some questionable circumstances. Both his and Richard
Nixon's campaign stuffed the ballot boxes in Illinois. Kennedy, the
CIA felt, was a "bucking" President, meaning a President who the CIA
could not ride. According to my sources, "When the CIA and the
Pentagon loses control over the president watch out- cause the shit
will hit the fan." Johnson did not buck, but Nixon did. Carter bucked
and like Nixon had a short term as President.

Reagan bucked a little, until he was shot six weeks into his
presidency, then he followed orders, Reagan did not even want George
H. W Bush as his veep, and had "strong reservations about...turning
over the country" to Bush.

If the bullet that entered Reagan's chest exploded like it was
designed we might have had two un-elected Bush presidencies. Just a
coincidence right? And it's just a coincidence that the Bush and
Hinckleys are distant cousins, right?

See http://www.murrah.com/gen/hinckley.htm

While the Warren Report, the official explanation of the JFK
assassination relies on magic and crumbles under scrutiny, one fact
has gone unnoticed since November 22 1963:

According to former CIA veterans who were with the original (OSS),
there were three pre-planned post-hit parties in Dallas at private
homes of wealthy Texas Mafia the night Kennedy was capped. "You have
to remember, November 22, 1963 was a Friday. All the `big boys' in
Oil were there along with CIA people." My old OSS agent source went
to one that was held at a silver tycoon's mansion, and saw young
George H.W. Bush there. "It was all planned before the assassination,
the catering, everything, the help-all planned ahead of time.

They knew it was goin' down. I herd about it through the grapevine
for over a year. I knew for sure when I was told the motorcade route
was altered. I hopped in my truck with some buddies and went to
Dallas to watch, I had to see it for my own eyes. It was
unbelievable... and something I will never forget. But I tell you
what really tore me up, was watching all those goddamn Texas crooks
parting it up that night. All the big boys were there, laughing it
having the time of their lives. It was like Bin Laden's camp after
9/11. You couldn't wipe the smiles off those assholes with blowtorch.

"It was the most sickening day of my life and is the reason why I
soon got out of the CIA. I remember Bush was there, happy about the
plan's success.

"But I believe he was torn, like many others in the room. I mean
think about it, the President of the United States was just murdered
and here they were sipping champagne like it was New Years Eve. It
was a very creepy, surreal atmosphere that still haunts me to this


New York Times reporter Frank Bruni is one of Gen-X's most gifted and
lucid journalists around. His stories draw readers in close to the
action, and stands amongst the Times' best. Bruni and I grew up
together in the same local area and shared friends. We swam at the
Scarsdale Golf Club when we were kids. There was a game we used to
play called sharks and minnows-an older swimmer would wait in the
middle of the pool while the younger ones would try to swim back and
forth before being the tagged by the shark (last one tagged won).

Bruni is still a shark. He swam right into the Bush family circle
during the 2000 campaign.

One election night 2000, Bruni sat with he Bush family and another
pool of reporters at the Governor's Mansion. They had quickly moved
from the Four Season Hotel in Austin to the Governor mansion when the
networks called Florida for Al Gore. In an unprecedented move the
Bush family broke all election tradition and allowed TV crews to film
them back at the Governor's Mansion. Shadows, floodlights and
flashbulbs danced around the Bush family as W was ending a
ridiculously staged phone call with Pennsylvania Governor Tom
Ridge. "Yeah..good. Call me when you hear something? Thanks." W was
going to make a statement but waited for "my man Bruni" to get ready.

But to become Bush's "man" instead of a "major-league asshole" like
the Times Adam Clymer, Bruni could not get that close to the Bush
family without some major self-censorship. I spoke to Frank over this
summer, when he was busy getting ready to "move to Rome." His dad,
Frank Bruni Sr, told me a few weeks later that the Times "moved him
to Rome to cover Pope John Paul's death and the choosing of a new
pope. They give it four years, tops." "You know, `Frank Bruni' is
really Frank Bruni Jr. He dropped the "Jr.' when he stated writing."
His dad told me.


I wanted to ask Frank about his book "Ambling Through History"-a
candid portrait of his travels with the Bush campaign-but he told me
he was "off that now." Apparently the Bush White House was not too
pleased at some of Bruni's revelations.

Bruni pulled some major punches, which is not all that shocking
seeing the influential power of the Times. Telling the straight truth
about the Bush family would probably lead to world revolution. Bruni
Sr. set the record straight. He told me what Bruni Jr. refused to
tell us: "When Frank first went to Maine [in 1999] he did not do much
about the Bushes, so he researched, he read all the clippings,
thought Bush 41 was some kind of elitist-who looked at his watch in
public settings. But he told me, `Dad, when he [Bush 41] came up to
me in this golf cart,' which he drove himself `he was the nicest guy,
who really loves his kids." When Bruni had lunch with Bush family,
Bruni Sr. told me- "Frank was really impressed with Jeb. He thought
he was the smartest and most Presidential at the table. Frank
said `Barbara kept jabbing and slamming the press and Bush Sr. would
jump in, `now Bar were not going to get into that now.' Frank said
she was `bitter' and `a real pain in the ass. ` " Bruni Sr. also told
me his son's impression of W, "Frank thought W `was nice guy, but
dumb, very dumb, the mother of all idiots.' " But Bruni told his dad
who he hated most -Jeb's wife Columba Bush. "Frank really rubbed
Jeb's wife the wrong way. Frank said she was `a bitch- no wonder her
kids are on drugs.' She acted like she was royalty-the worst Mexican
American princess ever.'" Unfortunately Bruni's book did not deliver
some of these inside perspectives. Another win for self-censorship.


"We knew this kid who's dad was a defense strategist with pot growing
out of his bed room, Its kind of weird living in DC because people
have lives." -former DC Brat For children in DC, the concept of good
and bad, right and wrong blur quite rapidly by high school. Although
not much out of the norm for the rest the US, in DC, it can
apparently get pretty out of control. One former DC brat told
me, "the story of privileged decadence in the middle of DC is not
just doing drugs having orgies, but about and abusing their power and
privilege to get away with it."

A few DC brats have decided to come clean on growing up in the
nation's capital. Here are their stories.


In the fall of 1977, Marvin Bush, W `s little brother, was attending
the University of Virginia. "This was the Virginia elite, old family
names. And everyone was into telling each other about their family
history and who's who" said one of Marvin's fellow students.

"Marvin Bush wasn't the center of attention like a Kennedy would be
and his father wasn't president yet. I was vaguely aware that his
father was in politics. In Virginia at the time there wasn't a coke
scene accept among the sophisticated and wealthy kids like Marvin
Bush and his friends." Marvin's friends elaborated about a party one
night that fall.

"A member of Marvin's fraternity, invited us to a party. The
fraternity was located on Madison Lane. We partied there for a while,
but then we all left for an after-party. We drove 3 miles north up
Route-29 and ended up at some house. We got there after midnight and
20 or 30 people were already inside.

There was a keg and plenty of drinking. It was not an issue back then
because the legal drinking age was 18. There was a lot pot smoking
too. Soon I walked into the kitchen and I saw lines of coke on the
kitchen table and small crowd around it. They were being discreet
about it, but then soon everyone started lining up. Marvin was
hanging around the main hitters and I saw him snort a few lines. He
did not act crazy and no one else did either.

It was the glory days of the coke scene." THE MISS-EDUCATION OF
for Bush 41, and current GOP' candidate for the Senate representing
Tennessee Lamar Alexander, has always been running for something over
the last 8 years, but in the end always looses. While Lamar was out
supervising the education of the nation, his son Drew, one DC brat
told me, was burnt to the core.

"We went to Georgetown, one of the four private high schools in DC.
We went to school with Lamar Alexander's daughter Kathryn Alexander,
she was one of our friends. She was a goody-goody no drinking or
drugs, but her brother was messed up -a big fuck up! We went to a
dead show with her and her brother approached and he was just messed
up! Like a red neck on acid. He sad he wanted to `cross streams"
while pissing- really vulgar and fucked up.

Kathryn would always complain about Lamar being a bad dad and
hypocrite as education secretary because of her older brother."
Lamar's kids grew up in DC Town house and unsupervised according to

"Lamar was never home, always out of town. They were latch-key kids -
their parents were gone all the time. We have dinner parties there
and get fucked up. I took mushrooms there one time, and remember
being amazed by Lamar's clay and porcelain collection of Elephants
all over the house. They were everywhere, all shapes and sizes. "


The name James Woolsey is one only true political junkies or insiders
would remember, but former Clinton CIA director James Woolsey is back
in spotlight thanks to W's new "Showdown with Saddam." While Mr.
Woolsey was holding the fort as DCI, his kids kept classified from
him that they were some of the hardest core drug fiends in DC.

"We hung out with Woolsey's two kids. They were very fucked up We
were like totally partying and smoking joints in his back yard and
everything all the time there. One time, we were smoking a joint in
the back yard and, I saw like cameras in the trees and I was
like `who's on the other side of the camera?', and the Woolsey kid
said -with a straight face -'two guys with AK-47's are at all times
in the house'. Then it dawned on me, I'm being filmed doing drugs in
the CIA director's house and with his fucking kids!" So where do the
kids of the DCI go to cop drugs? Embassies of course.

"The Woolsey kids were really into drugs and ran a high school drug
cartel with another friend who was an ambassador's son who used to
deal out of the embassy. It was the Malaysian embassy. We were
like `wow this is from Malaysia-' were they crack down hard on drug
users. But he could get away with it because he was a diplomat's son.
His name was Sharif, he was a friend of ours. He was like the high
school drug dealer and the son of a Malaysian ambassador. He sold
everything and always had friends at the house, constantly surrounded
by friends. Sharif one time claimed he found a suitcase of money; he
thought it was his dad's, We were like good friends, we hung out a
lot. The embassy was like a party place, always friends in the room
ordering up room-service, drinking champagne and he would always have
drugs. He was the high school drug lord."

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