Re: [rumori] Dre finally sued

From: MessMiesterJess (
Date: Tue Jan 19 1904 - 00:29:23 PST

I'm not too sure... I found the article there a bit confusing... but why is
it such a problem that Dre could get away with not referencing the source???
Sure, I don;t particularly get down to the Dre, and I think that when using
samples or excerpts from other songs you should kind of meld it to your own,
which it seems dre hasnt really done... but so what?
I mean, just the quote at the end about the guy just watching the indian
channel, diggin the music, and pressing record... i think this says a lot
about sample culture... I mean, how do we recieve all this information we
sample? From the mass media, who jam it down our throats... so why not
reclaim it? I mean, he bough the TV, the VCR... so why can't he use what
comes down there for his own means?

I mean, if we have to stop there, then surely all sampling is, in a sense,
stealing? I don't think so, I think its more a matter of reclaiming
headspace, and using the 'free' information from our apparent 'free media'


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