Re: [rumori] Dre finally sued

From: Thomas D. Cox, Jr. (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 10:35:27 PST

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From: Steev Hise <>

>Well, yes. I'd suggest that anytime someone in the First World
>samples something from the Third World, they would do well to ask
>themselves about their own motivations and the consequences of
>their actions (if they don't already do this anytime they sample
>anything. or anytime they do anything). How might their
>(admittedly perhaps small) act be part of the cycle of
>imperialist capitalist exploitation?

for the most part, i think sampling is sampling, i dont care what
the source is. however, what dre did, if the reports from people
familair with the original source material are true, is just stick
an entire song over a beat and had a singer and rakim's vocals put
over it. that is barely even sampling in my eyes, thats just about
taking a song and using it how you want to.



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