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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Mon Nov 04 2002 - 11:46:44 PST

on Mon, 4 Nov 2002 Bob Boster told me:

>I think what you've outlined below is interesting, but think about the
>implication of saying you will only 'use' material from a culture you have
>the moral rights to plunder. Talk about painting yourself into a corner...

Absolutely! I didn't mean to forbid anything. My point is just,
be aware, be conscious of what you're doing and its consequences.
I'm not saying not to 'use' something, just think about HOW you
use it.

>I think we are quibbling about two different sides of the exact same
>process. I believe the meaning of the 'sample' to be important and the use
>of it to be ethically neutral (ie it absorbs it's ethical context from the
>overall work and the context it's presented in). Steev (surprisingly to
>me) seems to be saying the ethical results of recontextualization is
>necessarily destructive and exploitative.

You may be pleased to hear that that's not quite what I was
saying. I was not making a value determination about
recontextualization in general. Obviously the sample's
significance depends on its new context. The effects are not
neccessarily destructive or constructive, negative or postive. I
was simply putting forward the point that there ARE effects
beyond the merely financial.

>It would seem to me that EVERYTHING can be construed somehow
>or another to have been someone else's culture's ethical property and
>therefor subject to some consideration.

exactly! so the idea is to be aware of what your target is, who
your enemies are, and whether your re-use of culture is
successfully targetting only those enemies or whether you are
causing "collateral damage" and "friendly fire." As you said, be

>I guess I would add to do it in the pursuit of some statement or
>another. The act of recontextualization itself is not enough for me, but I
>think that's more personal taste and less aesthetic law.

Yes. This all has to be put under the category of "if you give a
shit." Nobody is required to give a shit. Certainly we're all
constantly encouraged every day to not...


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