[rumori] sampling v quoting

From: niall munnelly (alephATaleph-null.net)
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 12:54:43 PST

os mutantes' sudden break into "satisfaction" reminded me to ask this.

what are the aesthetic distinctions, if there are any, between quoting a
piece of music (or art, in more generic terms), as when mutantes play the riff
from "satisfation" (shouting "a-hey hey hey!"), blixa bargeld twists the
lyrics of "all you need is love", or shostakovich nicks a passage from
tchaikowsky for his eight string quartet, and sampling the same piece of
music (ie, grabbing audio and incorporating it into another work)?

i know there are artists on this list who've done one or the other, though i
suppose sampling's more common these days... is there a difference?

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