Re: [rumori] sampling v quoting

From: MessMiesterJess (
Date: Mon Jan 25 1904 - 18:37:03 PST

> what are the aesthetic distinctions, if there are any, between quoting a
> piece of music (or art, in more generic terms), as when mutantes play the riff
> from "satisfation" (shouting "a-hey hey hey!"), blixa bargeld twists the
> lyrics of "all you need is love", or shostakovich nicks a passage from
> tchaikowsky for his eight string quartet, and sampling the same piece of
> music (ie, grabbing audio and incorporating it into another work)?

I think it has to do with the intention... like, is the song based around
the samples / quotes or is it an afterthought on top of an already existing
piece? Is it used to complement something existing through quotation, or is
it based around appropriating/sampling this stuff?
And even in songs built from samples, II think there's a difference... De
La Soul sampling James Brown and Public Enemy seems more about complimenting
their already existing track, it hs more to do with musicality... so I see
this as fitting into the Mutantes kind of thing - a complimentary and
familiar element.... whereas Blixa Bargeld's All u Need Is Love is similar
to say, V/Vm's treatment of stuff... it kind of uses the original sources,
and makes a point of it, it manipulates its familiarity and warps it, to
turn it to something new, and to question the original.... or something
like that. I may be off-mark, but I hope that helps.

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