Re: [rumori] stolen art gallery online // hi

From: mikro (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 14:14:28 PST

>searching through P2P for filenames beginning DCP the filename digital
>cameras generally use. it was an interesting exhibition to put together.

cool i've been using similar techniques to find fresh unknown img data,,
searching for 'my pictures' and sometimes just 'jpg',, 'dcp' is smart, tho !


got through 100+,, i really got a kick out of the linear multiple storytelling
going on (by your saving the original filenames),, good idea..

also i'd best introduce myself to the list
i'm ben kelley, write music as mikrosopht etc,,
you can find out about me & web stuff AT
so, nice to meet you all, esp. those doing unorthodox styled creativities..


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