Re: [rumori] the oldest issue in the world: money

From: illegal art (
Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 07:56:42 PST

>the fact that i use all those samples somehow makes me
>feel like i shouldn't be making money off the thing,

well, i don't want to tell people how they should feel... but i see a
danger in that if even the people making sample-based music feel
guilty, how are we ever going to change the perception of the average
person that this kind of music is ok..... and not only ok, but really
not so different from every other type of music made. isn't all
music 99% derived from pre-exisiting music?

john, the average rock/pop band's latest release is essentially
"samples" from their record collection...... even if they pick up
their instruments to play those "samples". i would argue that most
of the music people on this list make is more creative use of their
record collection than those who play instruments. and as you
indicated, it can take years of work.

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