Re: [rumori] Turkish Star Trek?

From: niall munnelly (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 11:21:02 PST

turkish *everything* is important. _star trek_ is essentially the salt
vampire episode, but it has some guy running around in a cowbay hat who
appears to have nothing to so with the actual crew (there is a turkish
vulcan, btw, named "spak"). hijinks ensue.

really, the more i read about this, the more compelling it becomes:

the russian star trek!

holographic chess/death matches with hitler and rockefeller!
a monkey-wielding cadet!

look, everything hollywood produces is shit; it's up the the rest of the
world to make that shit palatable and, as with turkish _star wars_, even sublime.
support international cultural appropriation.
aid and abet other countries that steal and improve american/corporate
cultural artifacts as their own are elided. we need a turkish _solaris_ now,
more than ever.

so watch turkish _star wars_. and turkish _superman_. and turkish _ET_. skip
turkish _exorcist_, it's not that great. copy the russian _star trek_ and give
it to as many people as possible.

and for god's sake, mail some episodes to me. i just need to see it.

(o, and i hear turkish _wizard of oz_ is pretty remarkable, as well)

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