[rumori] People Like Us Like Winter 2002

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 11:40:34 PST


If you've been to the People Like Us site in the past 2 weeks the
chances are you were unable to get in. This is because our server
detritus.net was forced to switch locations to a new home. Because
the server's address had to move, it also took some time for the
internet to find where we are now (techspeak, this). Then on top of
that, the new home is more expensive and as a result we've had to
make some decisions about bandwidth for a number of our sites or pay
more money, not to detritus who are in the same boat, but the company
detritus is supplied by. This has in some cases meant sites hosted
by detritus having to take down mp3s. PLU have opted to keep up mp3s
but to restrict how many people can download (throttling). This is
obviously a financial decision alone that we've had to make and we
are all looking into other ways to host not only work of PLU, but all
detrivores (ie http://www.detritus.net hosted sites). So anyway,
that's why. And here's some news.

15 December 2002
PLU and Wobbly on KZSU. Show starts 3pm Pacific Time, and we will
probably go on from 5-6pm Pacific Time. But tune in early to make
sure. Courtesy of Smurph and Mike Howes - tune in on the web at
http://kzsu.stanford.edu/ or on the radio, local to Stanford
University on 90.1FM. Phone in and we'll do our best ignore your
requests on (1)650-723-9010.

16 December 2002
Get Creative at <http://www.somarts.org/>SomArts Cultural Center, 934
Brannan Street, San Francisco
On 16 December, <http://www.creativecommons.org>Creative Commons
machine-readable licenses will be available to the public free of
charge. Learn creative ways to distribute your works and find
pointers to all sorts of licensed content you can use right away.
Join us in celebrating the release of our licenses at an
early-evening reception featuring a chat and screening by DJ Spooky,
That Subliminal Kid (NYC); a multimedia jam by People Like Us
(London); and an address by Lawrence Lessig, Chairman of Creative
Commons and Professor of Law, Stanford University. Plus a few
surprises. 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Space is limited and spots are filling
up fast - you are required to RSVP (mailto:neeruATcreativecommons.org).

21 December 2002
PLU playing in Maastricht at the
<http://www.hedah.nl/index2.htm>Oddpop Festival Los - Theater, Achter
de Barakken 31 A NL-6211 GZ Maastricht. PLU on at approximately

January 2002
PLU will be in NYC and SF. If you would like us to do a gig or go on
the radio then do get in touch soon. Already booked for WFMU, very

6 February 2003
Club Transmediale, Berlin at "Maria am Ostbahnhof" with a very good
lineup which will be announced once confirmed.

Also happening - PLU are currently making a John Peel session. This
will be broadcast at the end of January. Will confirm the date
nearer the time.

The "Stifled Love" LP now exists, and is still ambling way over to
Europe at present. If you are based in the US we suggest you buy
straight from <http://www.soleilmoon.com>Soleilmoon.com. We will
sell a limited number through the PLU site but don't have any copies
available yet. Once we do you can get them by means of Paypal
through http://www.peoplelikeus.org/buy.htm. And while you're there
you'll also see that we have the PLU Rough Trade For Us label 7"
single "Downtown Once More" available also.

Lastly, the Flash section (click on Enter) of the People Like Us has
at last been updated with the new releases and more. Thanks to Wayne
for doing this. Chec out his site on http://www.s-x1.co.uk/

OK, that's all for this year. Happy 2003.

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