[rumori] FW: Regarding the Changes (for MP3.com artists)

From: Nicola Battista (djbatmanATolografix.org)
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 23:22:55 PST

MP3.com Artist Announcementgot this one from Jianda Johnson at Mp3.com...

Nicola DjB


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From: Jianda Johnson [mailto:jiandaATmp3.com]
Sent: giovedě 12 dicembre 2002 7.37
To: popmusicATmp3.com
Subject: Regarding the Changes (for MP3.com artists)
Importance: High

Hi, All:

(sorry if y'all get this more than once. it's a one time email

A heartfelt hello and opinion piece here.

PLEASE NOTE: It's my personal opinion, not the company's.

Since I have been w/this company I haven't seen any "overnight successes or
I HAVE seen lots of people get lots of promo success, retail play, new
fanbases, GREAT writeups for their
press kits, etcetera. I'll keep this short and sweet. With the introduction
of the PAS program, lots of people
had pulled their pages, and I've heard that others may consider doing this
with the advent of these new

I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU to keep your page up at MP3.com, using it as,
at the very least, a calling
card, so that I can better promote you. Regardless, if I am in touch with
you, I enjoy you and I enjoy your music, I'm going
to want to promote you, regardless. The PAS prices are lowering, changing,
and what have you, but still whether or not
you are a PAS artist I will still promote you.

Back in the day, 10 years ago and more, I remember bands would kill to spend
20 bucks a month or more to share
rehearsal space, pool money together for flyers, CD pressings, etc. The fact
that we provide free web page
and hosting space, featured promos to hundreds of thousands of visitors a
day, staff that are enthusiastically supporting you
etc. gratis, basic level, was UNHEARD OF ten years ago.

The online space is all but giving up on anything "free," and I know they
have to keep the doors open somehow.
Much has changed,for the better or worse. Better? We are linked to Emusic
and Rollingstone.com and have had
the opportunity to feature many MP3.com artists (unsigned and signed to
indies) prominently featured there for
free (both PAS and non-PAS). They are cutting a lot of costs in many ways
(some you see, some you don't) and
while I"m not a big corporate cheerleader, I've come to love our artists and
working with them more and more,
and MP3.com (much like college, much of which I was gritting my teeth
through) contributed to a greater good,
sometimes in spite of it all ;).

Anyhow, that's my 2 cents.

I respect your opinion either way--if you are not yet privy to the news,
please read below.
Please also if you feel comfortable let me know if you decide to take that
kind of measure so I can be apprised of
your online/promo whereabouts. I won't forward any of your concerns to the
staff at large unless you ask me to.

Kind Regards,

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From: artist_teamATmp3.com
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 10:15 PM
Subject: Important Changes to Artist Services

       Artist Alert

            Dear Artist,

            The new year is just around the corner and a few important
changes to the Artist program are coming up in January. More information
about some of these changes will be available soon, but in the meantime,
here's a snapshot:

            a.. Customer Support Has Changed. As previously announced on
December 6, 2002, only Premium Artists can receive email support. Premium
Artists get their technical questions or other concerns answered within 48
hours. If you need help, please visit our comprehensive Help section which
has FAQs and the System Status Report. The System Status Report is
constantly updated by the Artist Support team and provides up to the minute
information regarding site-wide technical issues. Learn more.

            a.. Artist Cash Will be Discontinued. Accounting and engineering
resource issues have made it necessary for us to discontinue one of our more
convenient Artist programs as of January 15. If you are currently paying for
any subscriptions with Artist Cash, please go to your My Account to easily
create an alternate payment method. Learn more.

            a.. Artist Pages Will Display Three Songs Maximum. After January
31, 2003 only Premium Artists can display an unlimited amount of songs on
their Artist page. Basic (non-Premium) Artists can display a maximum of
three songs on their Artist page. On January 31, all Basic Artist pages with
four or more songs will automatically default to display the three most
recently uploaded songs. However, the Song Admin allows Artists to quickly
and easily change the songs they would like displayed. Please note, you will
not need to re-upload songs as a result of this change. Learn more.

            a.. netCD Program Will be Changed. Based on consumer feedback to
simplify the online shopping experience, starting on January 15 we will be
discontinuing the sale of netCDs as a stand-alone product. Accordingly, the
netCD option will be removed from all Artist pages. Please note, My.MP3
account holders purchasing your CDs still will get the netCD version
automatically added to their music locker. netCDs purchased prior to January
15 will remain accessible in the music locker as well.

            Stay tuned for information about new Artist services and a
Premium Artist Service price reduction. Thanks for your continued support.


            The MP3.com Artist Team

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