Re: [rumori] FW: Regarding the Changes (for artists)

From: illegal art (
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 12:16:18 PST

>they're not really free. Someone is paying for it somewhere. It
>may be cheaper than printing a book or pressing a CD, and
>distributing the same. But it costs something. Yet most internet

i've been thinking about this lately. if you consider that 1 GB can
cost from a few to several dollars in bandwidth charges and compare
that to a cd costing 50 cents (or cdrs costing 20 cents) that holds
roughly 2/3 GB...... bandwidth will have to come down in price a bit
to even compete. (these are all rough figures).

am i calculating this right? i know i'm neglecting the cost of
actually transporting the cd from one spot to another, packaging,
etc.. but i'm also ignoring several other things such as maintaining
a server, the costs on the end of the receiver of the data, storing
that data (often on a cdr!), etc...

i think the general internet model was to give everything away for
free, get as much of the market share as you can (because it was
supposedly the future market), and then figure out how to make a
profit (i think even Napster was based on this idea). this, of
course, led to the perception that the internet is free.... when it
may actually be more costly than other forms of disseminating

and i agree with steev that we should all stop funding the military.


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