RE: [rumori] FW: Regarding the Changes (for artists)

From: Nicola Battista (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 00:35:13 PST

>Any ideas how long can last? I imagine they're going to get
>within the next month.

IUMA, the so called "graddaddy" of music sites (they claim to have started
in 1993 or so) already survived to various shocks.
They first were an independent site (but provided a paid hosting service to
bands if I'm not wrong). Then they had been bought (or probably financed) by
EMusic and started paying artists (sharing advertising revenue with them).
Then after being dropped by EMusic they seemed dead for a while and were
later resuscitated by Vitaminic's money.

Vitaminic also bought in UK and
in -er- France.

They always told me that all of these sites would have kept operating
seprately. Actually, try to visit (former address for the
italian Peoplesound page) or and see where it redirects...


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