RE: [rumori] Bored of the Rings

From: Nicola Battista (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 23:32:27 PST

>yeah, Bored of the Rings is great. and i'm a pretty big fan of
>LOTR. I don't know why a cleverly done parody should neccesarily
>invoke the wrath of fans of the work being parodied. people that
>get mad at stuff like that are just deficient in a sense of

...this is the exact description of that friend of mine I was mentioning ;)

>it's clearly parody, which is of course
>protected under Fair Use... some rightsholders would sue anyway,
>but they probably would not win....

of course it is a parody and fully legal in my opinion... only I imagine the
rights holders of LOTR would probably make lots of noise out there...
imagine websites reporting news of this "pirate book"... in the last few
years we have seen what companies like Lucasfilm think of certain parodies
of their works...


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