[rumori] Fwd: [Xchange] THING.NET EVICTED

From: shannon o'neill (aliasATaliasfrequencies.org)
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 17:08:38 PST

>From: Chelovek Svobodnyi <camu3datATyahoo.com>
>To: elektrik_bgATegroups.com, xchangeATre-lab.net
>Subject: [Xchange] THING.NET EVICTED
>Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 06:41:27 -0800 (PST)
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>Thing.net assistance page:
>Bowing to pressure from the Dow Chemical Corporation,
>the internet company Verio has booted the
>activist-oriented Thing.net from the Web. Internet
>service provider Thing.net has been the primary
>service provider for activist and artist organizations
>in the New York area for 10 years. On December 3,
>activists used a server housed by Thing.net to post a
>parody Dow press release on the eighteenth anniversary
>of the disaster in which 20,000 people died as a
>result of an accident at a Union Carbide plant in
>Bhopal, India. (Union Carbide is now owned by Dow.)
>The deadpan statement, which many people took as real,
>explained that Dow could not accept responsibility for
>the disaster due to its primary allegiance to its
>shareholders and to its bottom line. Dow was not
>amused, and sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act
>(DMCA) complaint to Verio, which immediately cut
>Thing.net off the internet for fifteen hours. A few
>days later, Verio announced that Thing.net had 60 days
>to move to another provider before being shut down
>permanently, unilaterally terminating Thing.net's
>7-year-old contract. Affected organizations include
>PS1/MOMA, Artforum, Nettime, Tenant.net (which assists
>renters facing eviction), and hundreds more. "Verio's
>actions are nothing short of outrageous," said
>Wolfgang Staehle, Thing.net Executive Director. "They
>could have resolved the matter with the Dow parodists
>directly; instead they chose to shut down our entire
>network. This self-appointed enforcement of the DMCA
>could have a serious chilling effect on free speech,
>and has already damaged our business." RTMark, which
>publicizes corporate abuses of democracy, is housed on
>Thing.net. Please visit
>to help Thing.net survive Dow's and Verio's actions,
>and to develop a plan to avoid such problems in the
>future. # 30 # This message is not commercial. To get
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