[rumori] Hang some flagz kidz... pir8z against bombz ahoy! Make phat beatz not war

From: MessMiesterJess (suckaphishATpowerup.com.au)
Date: Sun Jan 10 1904 - 06:28:32 PST

Heyall happy spew year....
Forward dis to yr lists kidz...
From: Maroussia Lévesque <sourmaATyahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 19:35:21 +0100 (CET)
To: Nettime-L <nettime-lATbbs.thing.net>, fibrecultureATlists.myspinach.org
Subject: ::fibreculture:: (no subject)

HI all

In order to show our disagreement with the imminent
attack against Irak, just hang a white flag on your
you can eventually send pictures at


here's an exerpt from an article about the possible
consequences of an attack

"...It will find highest attention in all our streets
and in all media and thus demonstrate clearly the
profound disagreement of the largest part of humanity
against this war.

"For worldwide communication, please send this message
to all of your friends.

"And from november 15th fix a white fabric on the
lower frame of all your windows."

Send pictures of your flag to the "Over My Dead Body"
project, tell us where you live, and we shall prepare
a web page displaying them.
full text:


maroussia lévesque


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