[rumori] People Like Us on radio/in New York next week

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 12:02:55 PST


Just to let you know that PLU will be in New York next week doing the
following things and more:

Come to Subtonic on Wednesday 8th January and watch People Like Us
have jetlag confusion trying to work machinery and hold a
conversation. Come along and say hi and talk about interesting
things like CDJ machines, our favourite exotica LPs and Intellectual

Screenings of experimental video from Europe and the U.S with audio
by the New No York Soundsystem.
With a special 20 minute video presentation by People Like Us
including the 10 minute short film "We Edit Life", and some
pre-recorded live excerpts.
A 10 minute video presentation by Irene Moon from the Collection of
the Late Howell Bend
Plus DJ set by the above, and special guest DJ Chris Bozzone (WPRB)
9pm AT Subtonic, 107 Norfolk Street ($5 and 21+ to enter)

Then on

Sunday 12th January PLU and Irene Moon go on our bestest radio
station WFMU, on a slot generously hosted by $mall ¢hange and his
Nickel and Dime Radio show.
You can tune in in the NY/NJ area on 90.1 and 91.1FM, and on the web
through <http://www.wfmu.org>wfmu.org using either Realplayer or
Windows Media Player.
5pm-7pm EST (that's 10pm-midnight GMT)

OK thanks that's all cheers happy new year bye


ps PLU and Wobbly are looking for a joint show in SF or Oakland in a
space that has a roof and no hip hop at the end of January. If you
can accommodate then please get in contact preferably before
February, thanks.
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