[rumori] ny indymedia center needs

From: Java Mad Bernini (benATsupervillains.org)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 09:17:15 PST

hey, all. among other things, i'm a volunteer with the NYC Indymedia
Center's sound collective (http://nyc.indymedia.org/sound/). Writing
for a couple of reasons:

- most urgently, we've lost reliable servers for storing our archives
and streaming content. if you or someone you know can hook us up with
space/bandwidth, it would be appreciated like you have no idea.

- i personally have to upload roughly 30 hours of minidisc audio to
mp3 in the next three days. it's all recordings from the Nat'l
Conference on Organized Resistance (www.organizedresistance.org). if
you can help out, or can recommend software to aid in automating this
process, well, that would be phenomenal.

- we need new blood! if you're in NYC and want to get involved, send
a note to imc-nyc-audioATindymedia.org. we're currently tossing around
thoughts on what direction to take in the coming year (and beyond),
 so if you've got any interest in being part of a progressive audio
 collective, it's a perfect time to get involved. we usually discuss
 on the listserv and meet in person some Wednesdays. you're also
 always welcome to send along demos, etc to be included in our
 broadcasts & productions:

IMC-NYC Sound Collective
34 East 29th Street
2nd floor
NY, NY 10016-7918


PHYS: 200 7th ave #17 NY NY 10011
PAGE: bengoesbeepATvesana.com
PHON: 877-619-8524
CHAT: aetherchild

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