[rumori] buckets of radio coming up

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 06:10:44 PST

Tonight: Tuesday 21 January
KPFA 94.1FM Midnight Pacific Time - http://www.kpfa.org
Interview on No Other Radio Network hosted by dAS - guesting will be
Blevin B, Jay Lesser, Wobbly and PLU.
Thursday 23 January
People Like Us and Wobbly will be doing something on Mike Howes show
on KZSU at around 11pm-midnight, Pacific Time. You can tune in on
90.1fm if you are local, or on the web though
http://kzsu.stanford.edu - phone us - (00) 1 650 723 9010
Friday 24 January
Matmos, People Like Us and Wobbly in Concert at San Francisco Art
Broadcast on Resonance FM - a recording of of our concert from
October last year in SF. Tune into Resonance in Central London on
104.4FM or through the web. Midnight (ie the evening of Friday), GMT.
Monday 28 January
John Peel Session on BBC Radio 1
Between 10pm and midnight, GMT - John Peel will be playing 4 new
People Like Us tracks recorded in session for his radio show. You
can tune in on the web through the John Peel page here -
Track titles:
1. Abridged Too Far
2. Cattle Call
3. The Doody Waltz
4. Do Or DIY

Also Irene Moon and PLU's recent broadcast on WFMU is listed as
Archive of the Week on their site. Access through http://www.wfmu.org



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