[rumori] two gigs (one me)

From: Jon Leidecker (wobblyATdetritus.net)
Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 17:24:11 PST

wanted to pass these two off real quick for san francisco types.

tonight jan 24th, venetian snares/OST/optic, 139 taylor at eddy. I can not
wait even five hours for this to start. ('doll doll doll' is still the
snares album I'm most impressed by but the 3 or 4 he's put out in the last
six months are great too.)

then tomorrow night in berkeley, me (wild whyv3.62), Why? of Anticon and a
six piece jazz improv group called Create!, the ramp, 2236 Parker Street
(between Shattuck and Telegraph), beneath the SDA church.

super ok

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